Amrit Bharj & Harpz Kaur

BBC Asian Network DJ Amrit Bharj and Radio Presenter Harps Kaur approached Cartoon Couple and requested three types of products which reflected their personalities and their love for music. Amrit and Harps wanted their guests to enjoy themselves and made it a night to remember. How? The roles of the industry duos were instantly switched with a twist. The Supersize cutouts left the guests and the couple speechless when they saw Amrit holding the BBC mic and Harps holding his platinum vinyl. In an instant, the cutouts added a fun factor throughout the night and the guests started to take selfies with the caricatures by adding the personalised snapchat filters to their pictures. Once guests settled into the reception, marriage advice cards were placed on a table with a wooden crate box. This was something different which has not been seen in weddings. Guests had a chance to share their advice with the newlyweds, to which the elders took part and shared their experiences in married life. The advice cards were placed into the box to be kept as a keepsake and look back onto years to come. Cartoon Couple enjoyed being a part of Amrit and Harps wedding day.