Tar & Aman

It surely has been a busy start of the year at Cartoon Couple. Here we have the beautiful Tar & Aman, recently married on Sunday 5th March 2017 at the Prestige Suite, Smethwick.

If you like your weddings stylish and minimal then Tar and Aman’s wedding day is the perfect event. Tar wanted a high-end feel to the stationary, print and digital media. We agreed on a Heraldic wreath monogram design which set the theme regally across the entire night. They were the very first couple to request our 6th Supersize cutouts. Every detail on the cutouts, from their full outfit, embroidery, face expressions and to the diamond on Aman’s wedding ring was captured and brought to real life. We designed a bespoke LED animation which was then mapped onto the back-wall screens and displayed the monogram and caricatures on screen. This was a major focal point that showed off their style and personality. Once the guests were seated for mains, the Tri fold menus attracted a lot of attention when it came to choosing their food and most family members decided to take one away as a keepsake. The wedding was incomplete without a bespoke snapchat filter. Two filters were designed for all guests to take selfies and create memories. We designed a floral intricate filter for the Gurdwara which then followed by the Heraldic and Caricature filter for the reception party.